We are known as
Trillium Anglican Parish



We are currently being led by Joan Morris our new incumbent as of June 1, 2018


Mission Statement for the Trilliium Anglican Parish
"To help people be disciples of Jesus and to make more disciples."

This parish consists of three distinct churches in three distinct communities plus one church which is attached to the parish by tradition. St. Albanís is located in the retirement and vacation village of Restoule about 36 km west of Powassan. Powassan itself is a farming and light manufacturing town located on Highway 11, 30 km south of North Bay and is home to St. Maryís. St. Peterís is located in the growing town of Callander, a bedroom community just south of North Bay. St. Peterís, St. Mary's and St. Alban's became affiliated in the mid 1950ís when the three point Parish of Powassan was established. St. Johnís is actually a church formally attached to the Diocese of Ottawa, but as it is only about 10 km East of Powassan in the farming community of Chisholm, it has become, by tradition, an unofficial point in the parish.

The Incumbent - The Venerable Joan Locke

St. Peter's Anglican Church

Established in 1890, St. Peterís is located in the vibrant, welcoming and growing community of Callander. It has a year-round tourist industry. Callander is located immediately south of the city of North Bay and it encompasses approximately 26 km of the south and east shore of Lake Nipissing. They have a Sunday morning worship service After morning worship, the congregation enjoys a time of fellowship and refreshment in Woodward Hall. They have a small choir who occasionally sing during Sunday service. Music is both traditional and contemporary. St. Peterís is blessed to have a core group of committed volunteers who have served in a variety of ministries for many years, including lay readers, ACW, choir, altar guild, organists, wardens, Advisory Board, treasurer, etc. St. Peterís holds a number of annual fundraising events including the Fall Campaign, a Bean Supper, and a monthly Soup and Sandwich Luncheon from September through May.

St. Mary's Anglican Church

St. Maryís is situated one block west of Main Street in Powassan. The Rectory is located about 200 metres to the south. The surrounding area is farmland and sugar bushes. Powassanís big yearly event is the Maple Syrup Festival in late April when St. Maryís hosts a very well attended pancake breakfast. Powassan is a very ecumenical community. and has monthly Mensí Breakfasts hosted by each church on a rotating basis  During the Lenten season these churches conduct a Wednesday noon hour ecumenical service on a rotating basis. The ACW is very active and the altar guild is strong. There are both menís and womenís bible study groups meeting on a weekly basis. There are three nursing homes within our parish boundaries and trained, dedicated parishioners regularly visit during these services. Beginning in 2008, St. Maryís and St. Albans have been developing closer ties, and in the winter months share some of their services at St. Maryís.

St. Alban's Anglican Church

St. Albanís is located in the beautiful village of Restoule. The village of Restoule is a retirement and vacation community. It is located around Commanda Lake and Restoule Lake and includes many summer homes, cottages and tourist camps. Though there are many winter activities, St. Albans[M1] í busiest time is in the summer with the influx of many summer residents and visitors. (Restoule Provincial Park alone draws more than 40,000 visitors annually.) Our church is a quaint building started in the schoolhouse in 1912. It is our habit to serve lemonade on the lawn after services so we can mingle and greet visitors in a casual setting. Our members have been and are active at the Parish, Deanery and Diocesan levels. We have an active ACW. We have members who are part of the ongoing pastoral ministry into the nursing homes in the area. We have Lay Readers who provide Morning Prayer Services when the priest is scheduled to be at a different church in our parish. 
There is also an active prayer chain among the membership along with active support helping in the community in cases of illness, death or other emergencies. During the cold winter months, St. Albanís is occasionally closed and our members attend the service at St. Maryís in Powassan.

St. John's Chisholm closed in 2015
he site of the church was donated to the Diocese of Ottawa in 1909, and St. Johnís Church was built by local pioneer farming families, and dedicated in 1911. In addition to regular services, many marriages, baptisms, and funerals were performed over the years, but with an aging population and the migration of the younger generation, the church sat empty for a period of time.  St. Johnís did not have a recognized congregation, but a loyal group known as ďThe Friends of St. Johnís". This group was made up of several local residents and descendants of former members who live in diverse parts of the country. In 1996, interest was once again expressed for monthly services on Saturday/Sunday evenings during the summer months, with visiting clergy and lay readers as necessary in addition to the incumbent.   Finally the decision was reached by the remaining supporters to say farewell to St. John's as an Anglican Church in this area and a service of deconsecration was held to honor those who had given and received  so much over the years to St. Johns, the community and beyond.

St. Peter's Interior

St. Mary's Interior


St. Alban's Interior